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These gorgeous bath boards are handmade and can be custom designed.

Made from slabs of camphor laurel, the slabs and cut, debarked, moulded and a river of epoxy resin is poured in the center. 

They are then set for a 24 hour period, and then shaved to size and sanded over an hour through 7 different grits. They are then dry/wet sanded with a 3000 grit for a glass like finish. 

Then the tablet holder, candle holders and wine/glass holder are machined in.

They are then covered in a layer of food safe/food grade protectant to repel water and wine stains and left to set for 12 hours.

Then they are coated with oil and left to set 12 hours 3 times for a nice polish.


Due to the handmade nature of these boards each one will vary, sometimes there will be tiny air bubbles where the air has risen from the wood. 

Each board will have its own listing (ready made) this listing is for pre orders. allow up to a 2 week turn around in busy times, please get in contact with us via Facebook, Instagram or email nashcoltco@outlook.com to discuss colour and measurements.

Alternatively if you order I can get in contact with you, via email or phone.



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