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OH GEE FIZZ || 50% off mystery boxes use code overstock free shipping over $150 || 9.95 flat rate shipping
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A bath bomb saves us all
Oh Gee Fizz

A bath bomb saves us all

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So, you want to bathe like the freaking queen that you are?

 Scented in rose victorian

Do you Need a break from the kids? Well this ones for the kids but chuck them in the bath andd hey presto! I give you break time! (I Ofcourse mean watch your kids I just mean they will give you 5 minutes of peace)


Want 5 minutes to yourself, to lay in a Devine colour pool, that smells so delicious you have to keep reminding yourself your not Kendrick Lamar with a pool full of liquor (imagine! Ugh yum!)


Look no further, these bath bombs have got your back!


Loaded with long lasting scent that lingers on your skin, packed full of pigment for a beautifully coloured bath.


If your looking to greatly improve your self care routine and fill it with luxury you need these bath bombs. Do you even have a self care routine without them?


Indulge your 5 senses.


Strong aromas for smell.


Beautiful colours for sight


Kaolin clay, grape seed oil and epsom salt that will leave your skin silky and smooth for touch


Fast fizzers with an amazing AMSR sound for sound


And maybe a glass of wine for taste.

Please don’t eat the bath bomb, even though you’ll want to.



If all this wasn’t enough of a reason to buy my beautiful bath bombs and pamper yourself (I’m still stuck in a swimming pool of liquor, full disclosure this won’t happen)


They put out ZERO plastic.

That’s right folks, no funny business here. The packing is 100% certified HOME compostable, that will BETTER THE SOIL you put them in. 



bicarb, citric, kaolin clay, cream of tartar, epsom salt, coco sulphate (coconut derived), grape seed oil, fragrance  oil, poly 80, water soluble food grade dye, mica 


warnings: bath may become slippery, may temporarily stain bath or skin, if irritation occurs cease use immediately, small batches colours may vary slightly 

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